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The Rural Realtor

Aug 24, 2019

 Everyone wants a little bit of country privacy, at an affordable price close to the city. This property fits that bill and can even make you some money. 

Aug 19, 2019

Sitting high over the Osage River Valley in Vernon County Missouri is the 53-acre ranch. It is the dream of one man who was born on the property. You can enjoy the pastures and own the biggest Pin Oak in Missouri. 

Aug 13, 2019

Join Bill Gaughan of Rural KC Real Estate as he discusses the 10 questions you should ask yourself before you start looking a country real estate, or talking with lenders and realtors.

Aug 5, 2019

Living in the country is great, but it's also different. Join Bill Gaughan of Rural KC real estate as he discusses some of the differences about county living that you'll want to know about before you buy.

Aug 2, 2019

A common mistake people make when inheriting land or any real estate is to not establish the market value of the land at the time of inheritance. Join Bill Gaughan of Rural KC Real Estate as he talks about the value of establishing the cost basis, what problems occur if you don't, and how to fix it if you didn't do it.